Wild flowers

Wild flower area, Kingston Park

Oxeye daisies

Oxeye daisies, Kingston Park

Tussock grass

Tussock grass area, Kingston Park


Meadow with Yellow Rattle, Spital Tongues

Eyebright, Spital Tongues

Eyebright, Spital Tongues

Burnet moth

Burnet Moth on Spear Thistle, Spital Tongues

Cinnabar Moth Caterpillars

Cinnabar Moth caterpillars on Ragwort, Spital Tongues

Ladybird pupa

Ladybird pupa on buttercup leaf, Spital Tongues

Meadow Brown

Meadow Brown on Ragwort, Spital Tongues


Hover Fly on Ragwort, Spital Tongues

Red Legged Shield bug

Red Legged Shield bug, Spital Tongues

Red Tailed Bumblebee

Red Tailed Bumblebee, Spital Tongues

Small Skipper female

Small Skipper female, Spital Tongues

cornfield annuals

Cornfield annuals at Hazlerigg, 2015

germander speedwell

Germander speedwell at Kingston Park, 2015


Knapweed at Kingston Park, 17.7.15

rivers of knapweed

Rivers of knapweed at Kingston Park, 17.7.15

yellow rattle

Yellow rattle, 28.5.15

yellow rattle seedlings

Yellow rattle seedlings, Spital Tongues, 15.4.15


7-spot ladybird on yellow rattle, Spital Tongues


Wild flower meadow


Blackfly and ants on dock, Spital Tongues, 5.7.15


Cinnabar moth, 29.6.15

large skipper

Large skipper butterfly on Oxeye daisy, Spital Tongues, 2.7.15

meadow brown

Meadow Brown, Spital Tongues, July 2015

comma butterfly

Comma butterfly on creeping thistle, Spital Tongues, 3.8.15


Mowing with friends, Spital Tongues, 2015

poppy border

Poppy border, Fenham Barracks, 2015

nature walk

Children's Nature Walk Kingston Park, 13.11.15

bee orchid

Bee Orchid, Spital Tongues plot, 21.6.17

Viewing plot

Viewing the wildflower plots 2017

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