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Newcastle Green Spaces Initiative is a small local group undertaking projects on public land in Newcastle upon Tyne that will benefit nature and introduce some colourful flowers into the urban landscape.

We have the backing of our councillors. The local authority is giving us support and assistance.

We are using different methods. These can sometimes include removing the earth in strips, followed by raking the soil and sowing the seeds. Another method we use is to strim and remove the cut grass before raking the soil and sowing the seeds.

In other places we are leaving the grass to grow tall. These areas of long grass will provide a habitat in which insects such as butterflies can lay their eggs and complete their life cycle.

Uncut grass provides a refuge for moths and butterflies. It is also somewhere for them to hibernate.

We expect it to take several years for the flower-rich areas to become established.

Primary School pupils are involved with the project. They have been helping sow the wild flower seeds. They also helped by trampling the seeds into the ground. The children enjoy learning about the nature on their doorstep.

We run nature walks for our own members, to places of local wildlife interest. Here is an example of one such recent outing.

We are currently supporting projects in Kingston Park, Hazlerigg and Spital Tongues. We hope to see wild flower rich places created across Newcastle. We can give talks and/or support to individuals and groups who are interested in establishing wild flower plots on public land.

There is no charge for membership.

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